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As I’ve promised here are some pictures from my KrishnaLunch experience :o) This one is something special since it was also the wedding of my friend Bhakta Andy and Bhaktin Meryl during the lunch program. Hope you like it…


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KrishnaLunch Part I


“What I’m gonna do without Krishna?”, “Thanks for feeding me guys!”, “The Halava is the BOMB!”, “The almond dressing is divine!”. These are just few of the uplifting and inspiring words I heared from the students everyday for almost two years of serving KrishnaLunch at the University of Florida here in Gainesville. Distributing Krishna prasadam is really wonderful way to preach Krishna Consciousness,you know why, because through this Krishna’s mercy is accessible to everybody.

Sometimes students would skip classes just to get prasadam, some would bring an extra container and save prasadam for dinner, but the most amazing thing is that most of them would eat 3 times in row everyday 5 times a week!Geez talking about a bottomless pit 😀 hehehe! During the entire program which usually lasted for 2 hours, senior devotees performs live bhajan jamming session (credits to Purusharta Prabhu and his crew). The moment the bhajan started, the whole atmosphere at Plaza of American totally change. People would start dancing, some would sing and chant the maha mantra, and others would play thier music instruments and join the bhajan crew. It’s like having a bhajan kutir in a middle of a huge university! Of course it’s not always the good times but some bad encounters too which ends up surprisingly. Jaya Sri Krishna Prasadam!!!

I’ll post some KrishnaLunch pictures soon!!!

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I just realized that…….

1. Krishna is a mind bugger!

2. I’m still immature!!! People say that I am a mature individual but actually I am premature!

3. finally today the kitchen is peaceful. Maybe because I’m not harassing it!

4. I am addicted to ketchup!

5. Kimchi is better than sauerkraut!

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372228379_afff33d5dc_b.jpgTo serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead is our ultimate goal. As for my chosen method, I used the kitchen which would eventually leads to my sanctuary…

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Hello Blog World!

192298878_a82a72595e_o2.jpgHare Krishna!

After a long time of procrastinating, I finally decided to create my blog site:o) I’m really not good in putting things into words, but I’ll do my best to somehow make my postings understandable. Comments, suggestions, and even violent reactions are very much appreciated!Thanks:o)

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