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Harinam in the Philippines is really special,because every time we have a harinam, the peoples attention to hear the holy name is preciously indestructible. As the only Roman Catholic country all over South-East Asia and the largest consumer of oink oink,you know pig (pork), being a Hare Krishna devotee there is like a needle in a haystack! But because of Lord Caitanya’s mercy were still able to spread the jeweled glory of the holy name!Jaya Sankirtan!!!


Yes We have Lord Caitanya and Lord Balarama’s Mascots! COOL…..


Jaya Sri Caitanya!

….and let the party begin!!!



Gopal, Radhastami, Jairadhe and Janavi…(my partners in crime)


Manjula (the sweetest) and Dhanishta (my cousin the smartest)


lastly me (the crazy one)

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Today I suddenly I become melancholic in solitude as I was feeling homesick 😦 , and the funny thing is that of all the things I have to remember, I remember my mother’s definition of me. She said to me “My dear, you are like a wild grass!(at first I was adamant to accept, because I was expecting a flower not a grass, hehehe!)Whenever god places you,even in the middle of a desert you will survive ( this time I was pacified :))”Hay…………….Really nothing beats a mother’s love….I love you Mama!

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Cheese Sticks

I know I promise my friend Bhaktin Sol for the tofu adobo recipe but I’m still working on it. For the main time, I’ll share this simple appetizer, yummy cheese sticks recipe. I also posted this at the Food for Life global website, so feel free to check the site too.This bite-size cheese sticks produces a crisp sensation! For maximum satisfying crunch, do these just before you plan to cook them. I’ll post a picture on Thursday since I’m making this on Wednesday.


1 medium size cheedar cheese (or you can use any cheese you prefer)

1 pack spring roll wrapper (Square shape)

1 cup canola oil

paper towels


1. Cut the cheese into tiny sticks (2″ L x 1″ W),cut as many as you want!

2. Place several spring roll wrappers on working surface and divide it into 4 equal parts.

3. Put the spring roll wrapper with the corner of each facing you (in diamond shape).

4. Put one cheese stick on the center of each wrappers; fold the bottom corner, then both of side corners over the cheese stick, roll up and brush some water on the top corner to sealed it.

5. In a small pan, heat the oil for 5 mins, slowly drop the cheese sticks and fried them until golden brown.Remove quickly and drained them on paper towels.

6. Serve hot with love and with your favorite sauce and of course enjoy!!!(after offering to the BIG BOSS):P

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