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Saturday, spring break week, I was soooooooooo……………. LAZY! I was like a bear hibernating rather than a couch potato, and the disgusting part is that it was almost 3pm and still haven’t taken a bath!Then along came divine intervention, the phone ring.

Radha Ramana: Hello, Hi Ananda, how are you?

Ananda: Hey Radha Ramana, Indradyumna Maharaja is having an afternoon program in a devotees house in Alachua, are you coming?

Radha Ramana: Really! Too bad I’m working today maybe Malati wants to go. Malati do you want to go?

Me: (space out wondering in Maya while watching TV) Really?

Ananda:I’ll be there in an hour, get ready!

Radha Ramana: Malati get your butt ready,now!

So after Radhara Ramana kicked my butt, I took shower and get my self ready. While waiting for our friend Ananda to pick me up, flashbacks from the video Festival of India in Poland occur in my mind. The joyful harinams along the baltic sea, the beautiful matajis dancing gracefully, the stage dramas, the rocking kirtans and lastly the prasadam overload. I couldn’t help but to get excited, adrenalin rush and anticipation pounded my limited senses back to reality. To be continued……..

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