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Sri Rama Navami


For the glory of Lord Ramachandra ‘s Appearance Day I would like to share this story to all the beautiful Vaisanavas. This was the part when Mother Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. It’s actually kind of funny, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati is also part of the story. Enjoy!!!

While mother Sita was abducted by Ravana, Lord Rama was lamenting and gone insane.

Rama: Sita my Sita where are you? Hey trees have you seen my Sita passed this way? Hey bumblebees have you seen my dear Sita also? (Keep on rolling on the ground while doing this).

Meanwhile Lord Shiva saw what happened to His Lord.

Shiva: Oh! What happened to my Lord Ramachandra? Ah… Hmmm…
(Lord Shiva smiling)

Parvati: My dear Lord, you seem so happy at this very moment! May I know if what’s the reason behind?

Shiva: Hmmm… No… I don’t think so, coz I don’t think that you will understand.

Parvati: How dare you say that to me! As your duty as my husband, you have to share w/ me 50% of your happiness!

Shiva: Okay! But don’t forget that you also have to share 50% of my sufferings!

And so Lord Shiva give’s mother Parvati the vision.

Parvati: Oh! Is that Lord Ramachandra? No! It mustn’t be! He’s gone crazy and insane lamenting for His wife. He’d become a henpecked husband. Oh! You must be joking about this! But you’re not a henpecked husband, aren’t you?

Shiva: (Just smiles and shrugged His shoulder) Hey! I told you already that maybe you will not understand this! I’d warned you.

Parvati: Hmm… I have a nice plan…. I have a very nice plan…

Shiva: Ah! 3x You’re not going anywhere! I know what you’re thinking! Don’t do that, or else I’ll gona have 50% of your sufferings!

Parvati: Let’s see…

So Lord Shiva can’t do anything but to tolerate mother Parvati’s plan!

Parvati: (disguised as Mother Sita) Rama, Rama, I’m here don’t worry I’m fine. I have beautiful flowers for you. I’m sorry that I’ve gone for so long coz I’ve lost my way in the forest, but now I’d found my way back, I’m here. Rama, don’t cry now, I’m here! Rama, Rama.

But Lord Ramachandra didn’t noticed her,instead He continued crying, rolling and calling Sita, until suddenly!

Lord Rama: (Get into mother Parvati’s lotus feet) My dear Parvati please accept my humble obeisance’s on your beautiful lotus feet. Have you seen my Sita? Please help me find her. (Continue crying and rolling after that).

So mother Parvati got shocked and feel so embarrassed of what she just did and she immediately went back into her husband’s abode.

Shiva: So my dear Parvati, what happened? Are you sarisfied? (Ask jokingly)

Parvati: Hmp! Why are you asking me? You already know what happened! You’re the one who gives me the vision and now you’re asking me!

Shiva: Ha! 3x I’d already warned you but you didn’t listen (continued laughing)

Parvati: Hmp! Whatever, you win this time, but next time! I’ll make sure that it’ll be my turn!

Both exit while Lord Shiva continued laughing


Wisdom from Lord Rama
nandan thyuditha adithyenandan thyusthamitheravow
athmanona vabuddyanthemanushyajivitha kshayam

Dear Bharata! Light has come up in the sky,now we can go and earn
well,proceeds one category of people whereas others feel joy as the sun sinks and night
begins,for,they can relish their sensual pleasures and enjoy satisfying
their desires. It’s surprising that nobody is atleast worried that,the huge tree
of life span is being cut down with the sharp saw of ‘day’ and ‘night’,”
remarks Rama.

Sri Lord Ramachandra Ki Jaya! Sri Sita Rama Laksmana Hanumana Ki Jaya!!!

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Heres some videos on one of Indradyumna Swami’s program, although I am not actually the one taking this videos. At this moment I was on a hurry to get inside the house of Dharmatma Prabhu where one of Maharaja’s home program was held. I was setting in front with mother Laksmi and Mother Nitay at the right most corner, I considered my self lucky then:o) Thanks to atmaji108 prabhu for posting this at youtube. Enjoy!!!

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Yes, you read it right! Instead of calling it Festival of India, we decided to address it as Festival of Krishna, since it’s all about Krishna. The students were so happy about the whole exhibits and the special prasadam that we prepared for them, the atmosphere was almost perfect you know the bhajans and the devotees presence just set up the peaceful mood until our friend Joey came, the Fanatic/Lunatic Christian Preacher! They call him the Turlington Guy, I don’t exactly know why but one thing for sure he’s really a pain in the a$$! He’s been harassing us since the beginning of this year and at same time disturbing the students. I can still vividly remember the first time he started his outrageous preaching which is actually just yelling! Out from nowhere he just appeared right in front of us and started his below the belt accusations to the devotees, saying things that “Krishna is an idol”, “Hare Krishna’s are devil worshiper” and that “Krishna is not God but rather just a hindu mythology”My God! What is wrong with this guy? This was the first thing that came in my mind. And then I thought maybe he’s just going there to spread his glories because of the long line of students waiting patiently for prasadam and in this way they can hear what stupidity he’s saying. That could be true, oh ok I think it is true but I think also that he is just envious of Krishna thats why he is doing such non-sense, whatever is the reason it I don’t really care. As a devotee, we learned to be tolerant and merciful, so we didn’t do anything to him we just ignored him and pretend that he doesn’t exist but then again Krishna protects his devotees and He made some special arrangements, it turned out that the students were the one defending us and fighting for us. Students would do all this funny stuff just to stop Joey, sometimes they would yelled back to him “1234 we don’t want your religious war!” or “Shut the F up and go back to Turlington”

I really feel bad for him because somehow he had some good intentions for the people like the way we do its just that he’s on the wrong path or the wrong way of preaching about Jesus. Every time Joey is there, I just think that maybe that’s Krishna’s mercy to him because no matter what non-sense he’s doing he’s still able to hear the glory of the maha-mantra. Anyway, here’s some Krishna Lunch videos during the Festival and of course Joey was there too :o)

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Krishna Balaram Darshan

This was my very first darshan with Krishna Balarama… I’m just speechless…Thanks to Nrsimhananda Prabhu and Mother Varuni for inviting me for their Krishna Balarama Deity installation. Sri Krishna Balarama Ki Jaya!!! Thank you for finally giving me your association…


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