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“So Malati how do I spiriualized my life?” my friend’s question while I was serving KrishnaLunch.

A couple of months ago I befriended a Polish couple Stefano and Anya, both of them are students from University of Florida. It all just started with the simple polish word “cześć” which means “hi/hello” in English and it so happens that my fiance is Polish. So everyday they would come to KrishnaLunch and we just exchange hi,hellos and the common how are yous. Usually during KrishnaLunch you can’t talk that much to the students, so there’s no way I could talk to them about Krishna or the philosophy instead we would talk about prasadam and it’s glory.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 an amazing thing happen when my friend Stefano asked me this question out of the blue. “So Malati how do I spiritualized my life?” At first I didn’t know if I heard it right, maybe because I was so focused with the long line of students waiting patiently for prasadam or maybe because I wasn’t so sure how to answer him. After I regained my composure I said to him right away “Just chant Hare Krishna”, “Really that’s it? WOW so easy!” he said, talked about perfect answer for a perfect question (at least I thought so). At the back of my mind I was laughing crazily “Hehehehe!! It’s just the beginning you don’t know that you’ve been tricked by Krishna (in a good way)”. I also told him that he can also change his diet by becoming a vegetarian, before he left the line I promised that I’ll give him a book on the next day.

After we finished the program and packing up I was surprised that him and Anya was still there at the plaza so I run to them right away thinking that “this is it! It’s now or never will I have the chance to talk to them about Krishna” . So we had a funny conversation, talk a little bit about Krishna Consciousness, then to my surprise I’d found out that Stefano was allergic to Gluten! It just give me an idea on what kind of book I’m going to give, and they said that hopefully the book won’t be big and thick. So I decided to give them the Chant and be Happy and the Higher Taste. Two days after that I gave him the book and he was so happy and same time so surprised how small it is :o)

TrulyKrishna will used us as His instruments to get all those who are calling to get closed to Him and to get back to Him.

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Jaya Jagannatha!


After almost 10 years of waiting Krishna finally allowed me to took Him home with me. Eversince I become a “devotee” I was always enchanted by Lord Jagannatha’s big lotus eyes. “One day I’m gonna have a Jagannatha Deity” I said to myself, 6 years after my first initiation He finally came. It was all unexpected. My guru once told me that “if the desire is pure then Krishna will facilitate”, I know my desire to have Lord Jagannatha is not even pure but rather it was His mercy that made it all possible. Last year, December of 2006 my good friend Hanan Prabhu went to India and he asked me if what do I want for a present, and I just told him anything will do. “Malati I’m not good on getting gifts for women so better tell me what you really want” he said, so I think for a while and with enthusiasm I burst out saying ” Hanan I want a Jagannatha Deity”. “Are you sure?” he said, “YES”!!! and he replied “I’ll see what I can do.”

When I’d heared his answer, I was a little bit disappointed but then Krishna is not cheap! So I’m sure it would cost a lot in order to have Him. Days and nights pass by and my hope was slowly drifting, wondering if will it happen or not just like Narottam Das Thakur’s prayer “When oh when will that be mine?; When oh when will your mercy shine?” One month of waiting and anticipation the moment of truth arrived! Hanan Prabhu came back from India and after two days he called me and said that he have some present for me. “Is it Jagannatha?” I asked, “Why don’t you come and we’ll have some nice Krishna katha” he replied. After worked me and Radha Ramana rushed to his place, my mind was somewhere as I was climbing the stairs that I almost fell! Hanan Prabhu talked first about this trip and pilgrimage in India we had some nice Krishna katha and then suddenly he gave me a plastic bag full of crumpled newspapers! “Whats this?” I said, “Open it, it’s the one that you really want” he said.

My hands were trembling as I was opening it just like a kid opening a christmas present! And there He was, 8 inches tall with big big round lotus eyes together with Mighty Baladeva and the unfathomable beauty personified Lady Subhadra. I was so happy that I almost cried and very thankful to Hanan Prabhu in fulfilling one of my wishes. Jaya Jagannatha!!!

    krpa-paravara sajala-jalada-shreni-ruciro
    rama-vani-rama sphurad-amala-pankeruha-mukha
    surendrair aradhya shruti-gana-shikha-gita-carito
    jagannatha svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

Lord Jagannatha is an ocean of mercy and as beautiful as a row of blackish rain clouds. He is the storehouse of bliss for Laksmi and Sarasvati, and His face resembles a spotless full-blown lotus. The best of demigods and sages worship Him, and the Upanisads sing His glories. May that Jagannatha Svami be the object of my vision.

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Quick Almond Burfi

This is actually the recipe of my fiance Radha Ramana, I just remeasured the original recipe in order to come out with this normal amount of serving since it was formulated for bulk preparation. This will be the best burfi you’ll ever tasted (hehehe), enjoy!!!

Quick Almond Burfi

2 cups sugar
2 cups cream
2 cups milk powder
3 cups of roasted almonds (or whatever nuts you prefer it could be chopped or not)
1 1/4 cup butter
2 teaspoon vanilla essence


1. Melt the butter, add the sugar and roast the sugar dark brown on a low flame.
2. Add vanilla essence and the cream slowly while stirring carefully. If cream is added too fast, sugarlumps will appear.
3. Cool down.
4. Whisk in the milk powder and the roasted chopped almonds.
5. Put in trays, about 2 cm thick and let it cool down completely.

Dont forget to offer it to Krishna 🙂

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