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I decided to make a post entitled Krishna Lunch Today where I would put some random comments on daily basis to Krishna Lunch. It could be funny, nice, destructive, constructive or just plain, I hope I wont offend anyone on this for it is not my intention. So for today here it is:

A young male student:

“You guys are such a great influence on me that’s why I shave my head today! Even if you told me to do crack I’ll do it”

Another male student:

“What did you do to us? We are all addicted to Krishna! I’m sure you put some drugs on the food especially on the salad dressing!”

A good friend Cindy:

“Whooh! Today is my favorite day especially when I see your smiling faces”

A guy named Allen:

” Could you give me some MORE!”


We don’t put any drugs :o) Whatever it is, you people are hooked!Bwahahahha!!! Jaya Sri Krishna Prasadam!!!

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