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In honor of my good friend Bhaktin Sol, I followed her recommendation to take this test :o) She ask if how does this affects our spiritual life. Honestly, I think it has subtle effects on us towards our relationships and dealings with devotees.

***You Are 40% Extrovert, 60% Introvert***

You’re a bit outgoing, a bit reserved
Like most people, you enjoy being social
But you also value the time you have alone
You have struck a good balance!

Are You An Extrovert or An Introvert?

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Krishna Lunch Today


On Tuesday’s I cook the breakfast for the devotees and it means waking up early. Get up at 4am and attend the mangala arati after that proceed to the kitchen. Now to my to-the-last-minute unique character, I forgot to print the sauce recipe for the kofta balls thinking that it was unnecessary it turned out that I badly needed it! In the middle of frying the koftas (vegetarian “meatballs”) I was running back and forth to find a computer until I found one upstairs at the office. So I surf right away and write down the recipe (I don’t know if the printer was working). Now i rushed back to the kitchen and found out that I’m running out of time, when your in a hurry stupidity is next:

unorganized + in a hurry + space out = stupidity x

x = I cut my thumb with a tin can


I kn ow that I need to learn the lesson but my mind is just not cooperating, maybe next time :o)


Wednesday in Krishna Lunch means pasta day, as usual we have more than a thousand mouth to feed since it’s also our famous day or I may say our most exhausting day!

KrishnaLunch mantra:

“Can I have MORE?”

Anyway, Prasadam Ki Jaya!!!





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