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Sweet Service


One of my favorite service is to bake cakes and cookies for Krishna. It started out of curiosity, then it turns out as a hobby and eventually into making some small profits from it,hehehe. Back in the Philippines I didn’t have the chance to do this service to Sri Sri Doyal Nitai because I was so busy with work and school and the fact that I don’t have much cooking facilities in a college kitchen setting. Early last year a good friend Mo. Gopapatni ask if I would like to do some service for Radhe Shyam, without a doubt I said yes! Since then I’d been making sweets once a week for Radhe Syam and I’m praying that Krishna will not kick my butt away from this sweet service 🙂 Some pictures of the cakes and cookies I made, enjoy!Jaya Sri Sri Radhe Syam!!!


1.The loving and sweet exchanges and relationship between devotees is something were very much capable of and we should not hesitate to give and share it.

2. Ultimately, nothing beats Krishna’s unfathomable sweetness!


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