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Krishna Lunch Today


On Tuesday’s I cook the breakfast for the devotees and it means waking up early. Get up at 4am and attend the mangala arati after that proceed to the kitchen. Now to my to-the-last-minute unique character, I forgot to print the sauce recipe for the kofta balls thinking that it was unnecessary it turned out that I badly needed it! In the middle of frying the koftas (vegetarian “meatballs”) I was running back and forth to find a computer until I found one upstairs at the office. So I surf right away and write down the recipe (I don’t know if the printer was working). Now i rushed back to the kitchen and found out that I’m running out of time, when your in a hurry stupidity is next:

unorganized + in a hurry + space out = stupidity x

x = I cut my thumb with a tin can


I kn ow that I need to learn the lesson but my mind is just not cooperating, maybe next time :o)


Wednesday in Krishna Lunch means pasta day, as usual we have more than a thousand mouth to feed since it’s also our famous day or I may say our most exhausting day!

KrishnaLunch mantra:

“Can I have MORE?”

Anyway, Prasadam Ki Jaya!!!





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I decided to make a post entitled Krishna Lunch Today where I would put some random comments on daily basis to Krishna Lunch. It could be funny, nice, destructive, constructive or just plain, I hope I wont offend anyone on this for it is not my intention. So for today here it is:

A young male student:

“You guys are such a great influence on me that’s why I shave my head today! Even if you told me to do crack I’ll do it”

Another male student:

“What did you do to us? We are all addicted to Krishna! I’m sure you put some drugs on the food especially on the salad dressing!”

A good friend Cindy:

“Whooh! Today is my favorite day especially when I see your smiling faces”

A guy named Allen:

” Could you give me some MORE!”


We don’t put any drugs :o) Whatever it is, you people are hooked!Bwahahahha!!! Jaya Sri Krishna Prasadam!!!

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“So Malati how do I spiriualized my life?” my friend’s question while I was serving KrishnaLunch.

A couple of months ago I befriended a Polish couple Stefano and Anya, both of them are students from University of Florida. It all just started with the simple polish word “cześć” which means “hi/hello” in English and it so happens that my fiance is Polish. So everyday they would come to KrishnaLunch and we just exchange hi,hellos and the common how are yous. Usually during KrishnaLunch you can’t talk that much to the students, so there’s no way I could talk to them about Krishna or the philosophy instead we would talk about prasadam and it’s glory.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 an amazing thing happen when my friend Stefano asked me this question out of the blue. “So Malati how do I spiritualized my life?” At first I didn’t know if I heard it right, maybe because I was so focused with the long line of students waiting patiently for prasadam or maybe because I wasn’t so sure how to answer him. After I regained my composure I said to him right away “Just chant Hare Krishna”, “Really that’s it? WOW so easy!” he said, talked about perfect answer for a perfect question (at least I thought so). At the back of my mind I was laughing crazily “Hehehehe!! It’s just the beginning you don’t know that you’ve been tricked by Krishna (in a good way)”. I also told him that he can also change his diet by becoming a vegetarian, before he left the line I promised that I’ll give him a book on the next day.

After we finished the program and packing up I was surprised that him and Anya was still there at the plaza so I run to them right away thinking that “this is it! It’s now or never will I have the chance to talk to them about Krishna” . So we had a funny conversation, talk a little bit about Krishna Consciousness, then to my surprise I’d found out that Stefano was allergic to Gluten! It just give me an idea on what kind of book I’m going to give, and they said that hopefully the book won’t be big and thick. So I decided to give them the Chant and be Happy and the Higher Taste. Two days after that I gave him the book and he was so happy and same time so surprised how small it is :o)

TrulyKrishna will used us as His instruments to get all those who are calling to get closed to Him and to get back to Him.

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Everyday hundreds of people asking me about our salad dressing and I’m almost suffering from dehydration due to too much talking (answering) about this revered almond dressing. So folks here it is!!!

Krishna Lunch’s Almond Dressing

1-1/2 cups almonds
1-1/2 cups nutritional yeast
2 cups water
1-1/2 cups sunflower oil
1/2 cup Bragg’s amino acids (or soya sauce if you don’t like braggs)
1 teaspoon hing (asafetida) (you can buy this at wards or any indian store)

Put all of this in a blender or food processor until it’s creamy. Now there you go, enjoy, share and serve this with love 🙂

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Yes, you read it right! Instead of calling it Festival of India, we decided to address it as Festival of Krishna, since it’s all about Krishna. The students were so happy about the whole exhibits and the special prasadam that we prepared for them, the atmosphere was almost perfect you know the bhajans and the devotees presence just set up the peaceful mood until our friend Joey came, the Fanatic/Lunatic Christian Preacher! They call him the Turlington Guy, I don’t exactly know why but one thing for sure he’s really a pain in the a$$! He’s been harassing us since the beginning of this year and at same time disturbing the students. I can still vividly remember the first time he started his outrageous preaching which is actually just yelling! Out from nowhere he just appeared right in front of us and started his below the belt accusations to the devotees, saying things that “Krishna is an idol”, “Hare Krishna’s are devil worshiper” and that “Krishna is not God but rather just a hindu mythology”My God! What is wrong with this guy? This was the first thing that came in my mind. And then I thought maybe he’s just going there to spread his glories because of the long line of students waiting patiently for prasadam and in this way they can hear what stupidity he’s saying. That could be true, oh ok I think it is true but I think also that he is just envious of Krishna thats why he is doing such non-sense, whatever is the reason it I don’t really care. As a devotee, we learned to be tolerant and merciful, so we didn’t do anything to him we just ignored him and pretend that he doesn’t exist but then again Krishna protects his devotees and He made some special arrangements, it turned out that the students were the one defending us and fighting for us. Students would do all this funny stuff just to stop Joey, sometimes they would yelled back to him “1234 we don’t want your religious war!” or “Shut the F up and go back to Turlington”

I really feel bad for him because somehow he had some good intentions for the people like the way we do its just that he’s on the wrong path or the wrong way of preaching about Jesus. Every time Joey is there, I just think that maybe that’s Krishna’s mercy to him because no matter what non-sense he’s doing he’s still able to hear the glory of the maha-mantra. Anyway, here’s some Krishna Lunch videos during the Festival and of course Joey was there too :o)

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As I’ve promised here are some pictures from my KrishnaLunch experience :o) This one is something special since it was also the wedding of my friend Bhakta Andy and Bhaktin Meryl during the lunch program. Hope you like it…


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KrishnaLunch Part I


“What I’m gonna do without Krishna?”, “Thanks for feeding me guys!”, “The Halava is the BOMB!”, “The almond dressing is divine!”. These are just few of the uplifting and inspiring words I heared from the students everyday for almost two years of serving KrishnaLunch at the University of Florida here in Gainesville. Distributing Krishna prasadam is really wonderful way to preach Krishna Consciousness,you know why, because through this Krishna’s mercy is accessible to everybody.

Sometimes students would skip classes just to get prasadam, some would bring an extra container and save prasadam for dinner, but the most amazing thing is that most of them would eat 3 times in row everyday 5 times a week!Geez talking about a bottomless pit 😀 hehehe! During the entire program which usually lasted for 2 hours, senior devotees performs live bhajan jamming session (credits to Purusharta Prabhu and his crew). The moment the bhajan started, the whole atmosphere at Plaza of American totally change. People would start dancing, some would sing and chant the maha mantra, and others would play thier music instruments and join the bhajan crew. It’s like having a bhajan kutir in a middle of a huge university! Of course it’s not always the good times but some bad encounters too which ends up surprisingly. Jaya Sri Krishna Prasadam!!!

I’ll post some KrishnaLunch pictures soon!!!

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