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Hare Krishna! It’s been a long, long time that I haven’t been blogging due to various reasons., and my sincere apology to everybody. Of course, words are not enough, so as my peace offering (LOL), I present to you a very nice lecture last Narasemhadeva Caturdasi by HG Gauranga Prabhu, and I also made some cakes as my simple offering. Husband and I attended  both programs in Alachua temple. as well as in the Krishna House, were Gauranga Prabhu delivered the very nice lecture. Once again my apology, and thank you so much for the continued support for ohmyghee.com. Hare Krishna (^_^)!!!

HG Gauranga Prabhu’s Lecture  (just click the player for the lecture to start)

New Raman Reti Deities’ Darshan



The simple cake I made for Lord Narasemhadeva and for His devotees. The cupcakes got all sold out by the Radharani Club, and I’m just so happy with my small contribution. Thank you Mo. Nataka for engaging me in Krishna’s service.

Krishna House program.



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Last week, I posted this article “Caring for Every Devotees By: HH Radhanatha Swami. As I was trying to submit this article to another domain, the devotee in charged of that site asked me for any authenticity proof regarding the article in order to avoid any conflict. It could either be a permission from the author itself, or a URL from which where the article was first posted. Since it’s impossible for me to get the first one, I settle for the later. I managed to find the URL, and I feel relieved. I would like to thank the kind mataji who informed me about this authenticity matter. What a lesson learned!

The article posted below is only an excerpt from the whole original article. To read its entirety , please click here.

I recieved this article from my aunt in New Zealand, and I couldn’t help but share it. While I was reading it, I remember a phrase I’ve heard from one of Ravindra Svarup prabhu’s lectures. It  may not be the exact words, but the meaning and contents are the same:

“When we become a devotee, we work hard to become a perfect devotee. But, what’s next after we become a perfect devotee? That is we should work hard to become a human being.”

Remembering this, made me realize that most of the time we forgot that we’re also human beings who are working on the path of self-realization. Along that path, we’ll make mistakes and make progress, and along that path we forgot compassion because we’re too focused with our “philosophical” pursuits.

Caring for Every Devotees

By: HH Radhanatha Swami

How to apply these principles today, in our society of devotees, is a great challenge. But it is essential, because without it so many problems will play havoc in our society. For a society to be strong, all members must know their duties, and everyone should care for each other. Care means personal attention in serving each devotee. This is the one of the greatest needs of our society. We are preaching the most personal theology in the world: Krishna is a person and every living being is also a person. Everyone has an eternal relationship with God; every one has an eternal relationship with His part and parcels. As Krishna says: “You cannot show love for Me unless you show love for My devotees, and even show love to those who forgot that they are My devotees.” Sometimes in our society we become so highly philosophical that we forget that we are people.
Devotees need encouragement and basic facilities to be happy and serve
Krishna throughout their life.
A devotee has given his whole life to serve this mission, and then he becomes very sick. He needs help. He lays sick on the floor “I can’t do my service.” And we say, “You are in maya. You are not the body.” “Thank you. Philosophically it’s true: I am not this body and I am in maya, but I need your help to get out of maya and transcend this body. I need the love, support and care of a Vaisnava to take me through this.”
Srila Prabhupada was so caring to his devotees. On the first Gaura Purnima festival the only existing building was not yet finished. The first night that the devotees were there Srila Prabhupada got up in the middle of the night to look in each room to see if each devotee was properly taken care of, to see if everyone had a mosquito net. He would also ensure that there was prasadam for all of them and when they were getting sick he was very concerned about their health.
In Vrindavana, during his last months on the planet, Srila Prabhupada was so sick that he couldn’t even walk. When he had to go upstairs two British devotees would pick him up and would carry him in his chair. One of these devotees had a boil in his foot, and once, while he was carrying Srila Prabhupada, something hit the boil. The devotee said “Oh!” and tried to hide it, but Srila Prabhupada understood. Srila Prabhupada could not eat for months and had lost so much weight. His body was only bones. In these state most people would think about themselves. What was a little boil for a big, strong, young devotee, in comparison with Srila Prabhupada’s condition? Still, Srila Prabhupada asked: “What is your problem?” “No problem, Srila Prabhupada, no problem” said the disciple. But Srila Prabhupada insisted: “No, no, please, tell me”, and then he saw the boil and told him exactly what medicine to put. He told him to take the leaf of a certain tree, put it in mustard oil, boil it, and apply this at least three times a day. The next day, when that devotee was carrying Srila Prabhupada upstairs, Srila Prabhupada asked: “How is your foot? Let me see.” And for the next several days, until the boil was completely cured, Srila Prabhupada would inquire with attention and concern. How much do you think this increased the love of that devotee for Srila Prabhupada? He felt: “Srila Prabhupada is so concerned with such an insignificant disciple like myself. I am not a big preacher or anything like that.” This is bhakti. When devotees have physical or mental difficulties it’s an opportunity for us to express our love for them. It’s an opportunity to express our love for Krishna through serving a Vaisnava.

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Hare Krishna everyone! Planning for the holiday’s already? If you’re looking for adventure and at the same time still Krishna Conscious, then why not check this out!!!

Mexico – Guatemala Bus Tour Info

For the past twelve years, Krishna Culture Festival Tour volunteers
have brought youth and young adults on spiritual adventures throughout
North and Central America. If you’re into yoga, spirituality,
vegetarianism, eastern traditions, looking for peace of mind, read on.

Our tours are organized entirely by volunteers. We divide our costs
among the participants, kind of like a communal road-trip among friends.
All drivers, organizers, team leaders, cooks are volunteers. For the
duration of the tour we follow the lifestyle of a yogi, abstaining from
meat, intoxication, sex, and gambling. We will live simply, on bunk beds
in our bus, and cook healthy vegetarian meals. (Our bus has a bathroom
with flush toilet and shower.)

We’re interested in a genuine spiritual experience and exchange of love
between tour participants, between everyone we meet on the tour, as
well as on a divine level, with the Supreme Reservoir of Pleasure, who is
known as Krishna in our tradition.

Amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery in North and Central
America, our main activities will include mantra meditation and Kirtan,
chanting and singing the pure sound vibrations of ancient spiritual mantras
that purify our heart, calm our mind, and instill joy and contentment.

Our upcoming Mexico & Guatemala winter tour is scheduled December 14
through January 5. Be there (where else?) Meet us at our starting
location in Gainesville, Florida, or anywhere along the way. Take a look at
lots of photos of the places we’ll be visiting in Mexico and Guatemala –
plus hundreds of photos from previous tours in the “Pics” section on
the MySpace.com/krishnatours website.


* Kirtan Retreat on the bus to Mexico.
* Mexico City Krishna Culture Festival.
* Kirtana & sight-seeing in Oaxaca.
* Japa Retreat on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
* Shopping at the indigenous Mayan arts
and crafts market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.
* Hot-spring waterfalls at Lake Izabal, Guatemala.
* Mayan ruins at Tikal, Guatemala.
* Carribbean ocean beach swimming at Tulum, Mexico.
* Snorkeling the coral reef at Cozumel Island, Mexico.
* Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza and Palenque, Mexico.
* Swimming at Agua Azul cascades, deep in the Mexican jungle.
* New Year’s Eve Harinama in downtown Mexico City.
* Aztec pyramid city at Teotihuacan, Mexico.
* Kirtan and authentic Mexican vegetarian prasadam feast with
devotees at Tulancingo and Monterrey, Mexico.
* Sharing of realizations on the bus ride home.
* More (see tentative detailed schedule attached below.)

23 days (three weeks), $750 minimum donation.
($699 if you skip the snorkeling.)
Only 15 spots available.

Let Jaya Radhe and Manu know if you’re thinking about it.

Email: tour@krishna.com

Tentative detailed schedule:
(subject to change)

14, Fri – Leave Alachua after mangala arati. Day of driving.
15, Sat – cross border into Mexico at Laredo. Day of driving.
16, Sun – Mexico City temple. Full morning program. Dham seva during
the day. Late afternoon Sunday festival.
17, Mon – Oaxaca, Harinama, assisting the devotees with book
distribution on their Christmas marathon. Sight seeing.
18, Tue – Pacific Ocean beach, swimming.
19, Wed – Drive to Guatemala. Cross border. Lake Atitlan campground by
20, Thu – Morning market at Chichicastenango. Afternoon relax at Lake
21, Fri – Japa retreat seminars on Lake Atitlan. (Laundry)
22, Sat – 64-rounds mauna vrata day. Evening kirtan program with local
23, Sun – Drive to Lake Izabal (eastern Guatemala).
24, Mon – Lake Izabal, hot springs in the morning. Afternoon drive to
25, Tue – Tikal – Mayan ruins in the jungles of northern Guatemala.
26, Wed – Drive through Belize to the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
27, Thu – Tulum. Caribbean Ocean swimming. (Laundry)
28, Fri – Cozumel Island, snorkeling the barrier (coral) reef.
29, Sat – Chichen Itza – Mayan ruins and pyramids.
30, Sun – Palenque Mayan ruins, early morning, late afternoon: Agua
Azul cascades, swimming. Overnight drive to Mexico City.
31, Mon – Arrive Mexico City by mid afternoon. Relax at temple. Evening
program at the temple. Help make cookies for prasadam distribution.
Midnight Harinama and prasadam distribution in downtown Mexico City,
ringing in the New Year.

January 2008
1, Tue – Aztec pyramids at Teotihuacan. Gift shopping at the markets.
Evening program with devotees at Tulancingo.
2, Wed – Tula. Toltec pyramids, ruins and famous Atlantes warrior
statues. Evening kirtan
program with devotees in Leon.
3, Thu – Monterrey. Grutas de Gacia caves. Evening kirtan program with
4, Fri – Cross border to USA.

5, Sat – Drive to Florida. Arrive back in Alachua by 10:00 p.m.


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When you don’t know what to say, just post pictures and everything will be taking good care of 🙂 hehehe!

This year’s Janmastami was really amazing, the entire surroundings of the temple has magically turn into Vrindavan dham, with all the different mandirs and various devotees   enchanting personal deities. To understand more what I’m saying, here are some pictures:

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A short video about Srila Prabupada’s early days at Matchless Gifts. My apologies in advance for the video is not that long and kind of leave you hangin 🙂



“In May of 1966, Srila Prabhupada, with the help of just two followers, rented a storefront in New York’s Lower East Side – here at 26 Second Avenue. The storefront was previously a curio shop with the name, “Matchless Gifts.” Early visitors to Srila Prabhupada’s new center were struck by the prophetic name.”


For more about Matchless Gift visit: http://www.krishnanyc.com




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Wheeewww!!! It’s been like ages since I updated my blog! My oh my I’d been really lazy and violating the golden rule of blogging which happens to be “Keep on Blogging!” I’d been traveling the whole summer with the youth bus tour, so I guess this is a valid reason to spare me from the usual “yeah yeah excuses excuses you lazy a**!” Hehehe, okok I guess not.

Yeah it was really fun traveling and at same time an amazing learning experience:) I’m 27 years old and it’s my first time to travel and explore the world. Visiting different temples, meeting different people and doings things thinkin that I couldn’t do it, I am really surprised!Thanks to Manu Prabhu, to his wonderful wife Jaya Radhe and to HH Rtadvaja Maharaja for giving this opportunity and to have one of the best summer of my life.


Obviously in front of the historical Matchless Gift 🙂

Manu Prabu giving us some significant facts on how important Matchless Gift to ISKCON’s evolution.



“harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam
kalau nasty eva nasty eva nasty eva gatir anyatha”

“In this age of Kali, there is no alternative, there is no alternative, there is no alternative for spiritual progress other than the chanting of the holy name, the chanting of the holy name, the chanting of the holy name of the Lord.”



Manu Prabhu rockin the harmonium! Thank you for taking good care of us and always making us somehow useful in Srila Prabhupada’s movement during the entire tour.


At Tompskins Square Park with Jaya Advaita Swami and Radhanatha Swami, another signifacant place on ISKCON’s history.


Bhajan at Tompkins Square Park, in front of Prabhupada’s Tree 🙂


Narayani, Lalita Krishna and me, taking the chance to hug Prabhupada’s Tree.


HH Radhanatha Swami, such an inspiration:)


Jaya Advaita Swami’s blissful smile!

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After a long time of not updating my blog now I’m finally rejuvenated 🙂 I didn’t write anything for a long time coz somehow, once again I got lost in translation in Maya’s uncanny ways….ahem!….

Krishna Lunch will be over soon for the summer. We will stop serving after summer A and that will be on June 22 and after that bus tour 2007 here I come! But before I get to that I would like to share first a wonderful experience, so to commemorate my rejuvenated blogging enthusiasm let’s start with the Panihati Festival ’07 in Atlanta.


Their Lordship Sri Sri Chota Gaura Nitai is getting ready for installation.


Sri Sri Gaura Nitai after the installation ceremony (I feel so lucky coz my friend Laksmi and I was given the mercy to do Their Lordships berrylicious garlands 🙂 )

Actually the installation ceremony was kind of too long, it was really something new like it was more elaborate in the sense that a lot of different kinds of offerings was made, anyway all in all it was excellent. For more pictures click here , I’ll upload some more pics soon and promise to post the part 2 tomorrow. Thanks again Krishna and to all the wonderful devotees who continues to inspires me in engaging more in Srila Prabhupada’s mission, Hare Krishna.

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Hare Krishna Dear Vaisnavas!

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

After a long trip (15 hours) on the road I’m finally back to Florida,whew! Festival of Inspiration was truly is inspiring and I’m already looking forward for the next one. I don’t have that much to say for now, instead I’ll just post some wonderful pictures for the pleasure of the wonderful Vaisnavas 🙂 And for more pictures please click here


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Festival of Inspiration

Hare Krishna!

I’m here in New Vrindavana right now attending the festival of inspiration and it’s so awesome!!! So dear devotees I’ll keep you posted when I get back and share with you a lot of pictures and some videos if I can get some. Hare Krishna!!!

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Yoga Nrsimha

While I was goggling the net for articles about Lord Nrsimhadeva’s, to my surprised I found this documentary. Druva the devotee who is in pursuit of finding Lord Nrsimhadeva’s different manifestations and temples manage to be successful. He’s enthusiastic faith for Lord Nrsimhadeva is indeed remarkable and it made me wish that even just a single drop of his faith I wish I have and honestly it made me also wish that I am in a man’s body (you know what I mean). Dangerous forest, isolated places and all the geographically challenged locations didn’t stop him on his pursuit of true happiness in searching for the Lord’s transcendental embodiment. Jaya Nrsimhadeva!!!

om Hrim Ksraum ugram viram maha-vishnum
jvalantam sarvato mukham
nrisimham bhishanam bhadram
mrityur mrityum namamy aham

“I bow down to Lord Narasimha who is ferocious and heroic like Lord Vishnu. He is burning from every side. He is terrific, auspicious and the death of death personified.”

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