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It seems like my favorite “Charmin” has some new competition. The new kid in the block is more environmentally friendly, more durable, and very edgy. It has a very straight forward branding, which I think has really captured the consumer’s very skeptical favors and opinions. 100% recycled, 2-ply, un-embossed, fair-trade, are just some of its main selling point, and of course, its elegant and colorful logo. Without much delayed, let’s all welcome:


Sometimes, the simplest name works!

Here’s the company’s link if you want more info:




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I was goggling online looking for that elusive recipe for a perfect fluffy vegetarian/vegan marshmallow. After a couple of clicks and stops from one site to another, I stumbled and ended up in youtube. As devotees, we’ve always been careful of what we eat especially in buying pre-package vegetarian goodies.

I remember one time, a devotee friend give me some packs of this “kosher-Gel” for making vegetarian gelatin. Out of courtesy, I accepted it and thank her for her generosity. When I got home, the usual, I just  tossed every food stuff inside my pantry. No, I didn’t bother to check it, or even to try it due to my laziness, and I just completely forgot about it. Until one day, when I checked my pantry and noticed that there’s something missing. Then, I asked my husband (the usual culprit) if he touched anything in my pantry, it turns out, he did.

With a nonchalant and seemingly cold manner (as most guys are, acting cool,LOL), the hubby told me that he threw away that “kosher-gel” thing because he found out that it WASN’T VEGAN AT ALL. I was just dumbfounded and didn’t bother to start an argument because my guts was telling me that he seems to be right. Anyway, “EMES KOSHER-GEL” turns out to be a fake. So my dear Vaisnavas please don’t buy this product at all.

If you want to read more about how this fake vegan gel got busted, please click here.

And here’s what I found in Youtube.

Part 1

Part 2

Sweet and  Sara is the only vegan marshmallow I’m buying because as you can see from the video, the maker is a vegan. Even though it’s kind of expensive, from time to time, I and my hubby can’t help but be tempted.


SIDE NOTE: For devotees living in Alachua and Gainesville, you can avail Sweet and Sara at      Wards.

As for the recipe, I’m still on the look out and doing some trial and error. If you want to do some vegetarian gelatin, try using some agar-agar. This is what we generally use in the Philippines in making gulaman or gelatin, and you can find this in your nearby Asian stores.

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What you’re about to see, is a horrifying event. At first, I chose not to say anything, and to just offer my prayer in silence and that she may rest in peace. But every time I see her face in the monitor and hear news about her, I can’t help but feel guilty. I feel guilty not because I chose to ignore the inhuman cause of her death, but rather, I feel guilty because I chose to be blind and deaf, but ENOUGH is ENOUGH! To the animals living in shit holes who manage to cut this young woman’s life, Allah will take good care of your asses soon, that even hell won’t accept you! JUSTICE FOR NEDA SOLTANI!!! JUSTICE FOR OUR IRANIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!

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These pictures never fails to make me laugh my ass off!


Attack of the horny banana!




Way to go buddy!LOL!

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I was trying to do some research yesterday at Barnes & Nobles on how to start up a business. Will, it was more like a psedo-research, since I was reading some mangas on the side, LOL! I got bored after sometime of scanning those thick and pricey business books, and they’re not appealing at all. Instead of enticing my aspiritaions to start up a business, those books causes the opposite. Anyway, I found this book called “The Toilet Paper Enterpreneur” by Mike Michalovicz. I randomnly picked it up because the author’s name catches my attention, not because I was having a hard time to pronounce it, but because it sounds so Polishy, and it’s due to my other half who happens to be a Polak.

The book is so different from the typical business book amoung the book shelves because first, it wasn’t thick, thanks God!. Second, it doesn’t look like a business book at all, but it’s more like a novel. Third, the price is not over rated. Inside, the book is very unconventional from the typical business book which happens to be full confusing protocols and jargons. I like the fact that it’s written with a lot of wit and humor which the author never fails to inject in every page. Now, I haven’t finish reading the book yet, in fact, I just finish reading chapter two, but the two chapters are more than enough for me to give me a boost in starting now my unpredictable path to business ventures. I may not know yet, what kind of business to start, but I know that I’m heading there. Oh…… This is gonna be fun!!!!

For more about the book and the author, click here.

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It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Hay…….. Like I said before, I’m procastinator numero uno.Aside from being like that, I’m also busy managing my lifetime business of how to make my spiritual life and material life (ok, I know this is only temporary :))balance sheets somehow of equal and stable gross results. Anyway, so much for my lame excuses,here’s my first new post for the new year, the year of the bull. Hopefully, this year won’t be all BS like the past 4 yrs. Thanks to Bush, and we’re all now in a s#$thole!

Blast from the past!

1) The day when my elusive husband finally allows me to tie a pony tail(it seems like that to me,hehehe) on his precious hair! This is such a rare opportunity, and it might never ever happen again :).

2)Disney world trip just before Christmas. Thanks Andrea for the free tickets! I had a blast 🙂

3) No, it wasn’t for Halloween, lol! I was recruited by Amrita to play as one of her evil minions for her role as Surpanaka in the Ramayana play. Since I don’t need to utter a single word during the play,I said yes.

photo-5 photo-3 photo-2 img_53981 img_5320

New Year’s Eve and Day celebration! Hello 2009!

My new year’s celebration is not complete with out fireworks and firecrackers (this one I have to settle for a tiny blast, I miss the one we have back home, lol). Our good friend, the “Polish Mafia”, Pandava and Dhanudhara celebrated it with us. On new years day, we decided to go bowling which me and husband really suck on it. I don’t have a lot of expectations for this year of the bull, but I’ll still try my best to do whatever it is comes my way. 2008 was a good year both for me and my husband, thank you Krishna for that. I wish everybody all the best for this year spiritualy and materially :).

img_2335 img_2339 img_2387img_2525img_2569img_2552img_3958img_3944img_4006img_4062img_4165

Monday, January 16, 2009 Free KD Day!

It was Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day, and Radha, Deva and I are on our way to Alachua to play field hockey with devotees. It was a bright beautiful day, and I was so filled w/ anticipations, for it was my first time to play such a very physical game. First times are always full of surprises!The game was dedicated to Krishna Das who is battling w/ leukemia, and everybody give their best on it. Thanks to Karnamrita prabhu and his good wife Radha who organized the event. Although I haven’t meet him and don’t know him personally, my prayers and best wishes for him and to his family. Just what like Koreans say when they’re in an unfavorable situation, Aja, aja, fighting! Krishna das prabhu, you can do it!


1_827483875l 1_461516744l 1_994210492l 1_625540743l 1_860869745l

January 20, 2009

Who would dare to forget this remarkable day?!Hmmmm….. fill in the blanks……I’m glad that he won! The guy deserves it! I’m not really politically inclined, so I’ll let the pictures say it all. Credits to boston.com for all the amazing pictures.


4440_176821791 4417_176722571 4405_176769152 4412_176746711 4409_176755531 4407_176819471

Ahhh….Pictures really does paints a thousand words! On the other hand, my good friend Stephen Colbert, of course, will always have a say for everything, and I mean everything that even Pres. Obama can’t escape it.

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“This is just a re-posting of my previous disclaimer post. I feel the need to re-post this before I start blogging again :).


Hare Krishna! Lately, I have been really busy with work and school, so I didn’t have the time to update my blog site. Now that the semester is almost over, I’m gonna start blogging again. But before that, I would like to post this disclaimer first. Last year, as I was reading my good friend’s blog, Mandakini, I came across with her disclaimer notice, and I realized that I had been somehow irresponsible  with my postings since some of it are not Krishna Conscious. This blog is all about anything what goes around and comes around in my life, and for that, I like to fully express myself without any hesitations. Just like Mandakini, I don’t want to censor my blog either, otherwise, it would sounds like someone else’s thoughts, so you’ve been warned: Surf at your own risk 🙂

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Krishna Cartoons

I was scanning some of my files on my old hard drive and then look what I’ve found! Hilarious Krishna cartoons 🙂 I don’t remember anymore if where I get these but one thing for sure, it’ll make you laugh till you drop!
image0021.jpg image009.png image012.jpg


The overly fanatical bhakta leader Of the 1980’s Floor mats…



One day, Bhakta Luigi from Italy, paused before
An enormous barrier and commented,


Devotees who watch TV feel less guilty if they point out the maya (sins).

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Sri Rama Navami


For the glory of Lord Ramachandra ‘s Appearance Day I would like to share this story to all the beautiful Vaisanavas. This was the part when Mother Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. It’s actually kind of funny, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati is also part of the story. Enjoy!!!

While mother Sita was abducted by Ravana, Lord Rama was lamenting and gone insane.

Rama: Sita my Sita where are you? Hey trees have you seen my Sita passed this way? Hey bumblebees have you seen my dear Sita also? (Keep on rolling on the ground while doing this).

Meanwhile Lord Shiva saw what happened to His Lord.

Shiva: Oh! What happened to my Lord Ramachandra? Ah… Hmmm…
(Lord Shiva smiling)

Parvati: My dear Lord, you seem so happy at this very moment! May I know if what’s the reason behind?

Shiva: Hmmm… No… I don’t think so, coz I don’t think that you will understand.

Parvati: How dare you say that to me! As your duty as my husband, you have to share w/ me 50% of your happiness!

Shiva: Okay! But don’t forget that you also have to share 50% of my sufferings!

And so Lord Shiva give’s mother Parvati the vision.

Parvati: Oh! Is that Lord Ramachandra? No! It mustn’t be! He’s gone crazy and insane lamenting for His wife. He’d become a henpecked husband. Oh! You must be joking about this! But you’re not a henpecked husband, aren’t you?

Shiva: (Just smiles and shrugged His shoulder) Hey! I told you already that maybe you will not understand this! I’d warned you.

Parvati: Hmm… I have a nice plan…. I have a very nice plan…

Shiva: Ah! 3x You’re not going anywhere! I know what you’re thinking! Don’t do that, or else I’ll gona have 50% of your sufferings!

Parvati: Let’s see…

So Lord Shiva can’t do anything but to tolerate mother Parvati’s plan!

Parvati: (disguised as Mother Sita) Rama, Rama, I’m here don’t worry I’m fine. I have beautiful flowers for you. I’m sorry that I’ve gone for so long coz I’ve lost my way in the forest, but now I’d found my way back, I’m here. Rama, don’t cry now, I’m here! Rama, Rama.

But Lord Ramachandra didn’t noticed her,instead He continued crying, rolling and calling Sita, until suddenly!

Lord Rama: (Get into mother Parvati’s lotus feet) My dear Parvati please accept my humble obeisance’s on your beautiful lotus feet. Have you seen my Sita? Please help me find her. (Continue crying and rolling after that).

So mother Parvati got shocked and feel so embarrassed of what she just did and she immediately went back into her husband’s abode.

Shiva: So my dear Parvati, what happened? Are you sarisfied? (Ask jokingly)

Parvati: Hmp! Why are you asking me? You already know what happened! You’re the one who gives me the vision and now you’re asking me!

Shiva: Ha! 3x I’d already warned you but you didn’t listen (continued laughing)

Parvati: Hmp! Whatever, you win this time, but next time! I’ll make sure that it’ll be my turn!

Both exit while Lord Shiva continued laughing


Wisdom from Lord Rama
nandan thyuditha adithyenandan thyusthamitheravow
athmanona vabuddyanthemanushyajivitha kshayam

Dear Bharata! Light has come up in the sky,now we can go and earn
well,proceeds one category of people whereas others feel joy as the sun sinks and night
begins,for,they can relish their sensual pleasures and enjoy satisfying
their desires. It’s surprising that nobody is atleast worried that,the huge tree
of life span is being cut down with the sharp saw of ‘day’ and ‘night’,”
remarks Rama.

Sri Lord Ramachandra Ki Jaya! Sri Sita Rama Laksmana Hanumana Ki Jaya!!!

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Heres some videos on one of Indradyumna Swami’s program, although I am not actually the one taking this videos. At this moment I was on a hurry to get inside the house of Dharmatma Prabhu where one of Maharaja’s home program was held. I was setting in front with mother Laksmi and Mother Nitay at the right most corner, I considered my self lucky then:o) Thanks to atmaji108 prabhu for posting this at youtube. Enjoy!!!

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