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Stereotyping, a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. That’s according to my laptop’s built in dictionary, but if I were to define stereotyping, I would say it the common way, which is nothing but a typical judging the book by it’s cover. When it comes to stereotyping, nothing is left behind; moreover, it doesn’t matter if it’s a good or a bad thing. If Ben and Jerry’s have its crazy assortments of ice cream flavors, by all means, stereotyping has its own variations too. From ethnicity, status quo, practice of faith, and sexuality, stereotyping has been merciless. But of all kinds of stereotyping, the gender issue is the classic. I once read a book written by a famous Indian pandit and it says that “Never trust a woman and a Politician”. After reading it, for sometime, I couldn’t help but hate the author. Since time immemorial, gender stereotyping is the most stagnant and hasn’t moved on.

I had my very first encounter of gender stereotyping when I was in my play group age. Most of my cousins are guys, and we do play together most of the time, but when it comes to physical games like wrestling or choosing the leader of the pact, I was always left out in the corner crying my heart out. My testosterone driven counterparts, always pushed me aside because they said I’m a girl, and that I am weak. Duh, it was so frustrating that I asked my father if I could learn karate, but to my dismayed, father said that I should learn other things that are girl oriented because karate is suitable only for guys. So much for my high hopes and frustrations. In human history, no matter what kind, it is always the men who has the lead role. In fact, most of any written literatures, legends, and even the bible are very much patriarchal. I mean, why can’t they share it to women or to just give credits to them? In the creation story of the bible, Eve was pictured out as the idiotic cause of Adam’s misery, and in modern version, the “dumb blonde” Marilyn Monroe who put a stain on JFK’s clean and sleek image. On the other hand, what about Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the next and first woman president of United States of America? Isn’t America not ready to have a woman president? To have a woman as the head of the country is a big no no because according to most of my male friends, a woman leader is emotionally weak and not ruthless enough in making bloody decisions. Ah, does it always require testosterones to have balls? I don’t think so. Honestly, I don’t like her that much not because she’s a woman, but because she’s so full of dirty tricks under her sleeves.

To make the game fair, I would say something about Adonis’s side also. We women do stereotype the men too. Most of the time we see them as narcissistic, immature, irresponsible, pompous prick. Sounds too much, but trust me, it’s so true sometimes. Although I consider myself guilty, I still find it not right because I don’t want guys to see women as crazy, over emotional, control freak bitches.

In conclusion, gender stereotyping has been habitual and automatic and almost impossible to control it. In order not to rub more salt to an open wound, I strongly recommend to everybody to always tried the best to not look at people in one shade because I believe that we’re not this body, instead we’re way more beautiful than that.

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