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It’s been a while since I updated my blog. Hay…….. Like I said before, I’m procastinator numero uno.Aside from being like that, I’m also busy managing my lifetime business of how to make my spiritual life and material life (ok, I know this is only temporary :))balance sheets somehow of equal and stable gross results. Anyway, so much for my lame excuses,here’s my first new post for the new year, the year of the bull. Hopefully, this year won’t be all BS like the past 4 yrs. Thanks to Bush, and we’re all now in a s#$thole!

Blast from the past!

1) The day when my elusive husband finally allows me to tie a pony tail(it seems like that to me,hehehe) on his precious hair! This is such a rare opportunity, and it might never ever happen again :).

2)Disney world trip just before Christmas. Thanks Andrea for the free tickets! I had a blast 🙂

3) No, it wasn’t for Halloween, lol! I was recruited by Amrita to play as one of her evil minions for her role as Surpanaka in the Ramayana play. Since I don’t need to utter a single word during the play,I said yes.

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New Year’s Eve and Day celebration! Hello 2009!

My new year’s celebration is not complete with out fireworks and firecrackers (this one I have to settle for a tiny blast, I miss the one we have back home, lol). Our good friend, the “Polish Mafia”, Pandava and Dhanudhara celebrated it with us. On new years day, we decided to go bowling which me and husband really suck on it. I don’t have a lot of expectations for this year of the bull, but I’ll still try my best to do whatever it is comes my way. 2008 was a good year both for me and my husband, thank you Krishna for that. I wish everybody all the best for this year spiritualy and materially :).

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Monday, January 16, 2009 Free KD Day!

It was Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day, and Radha, Deva and I are on our way to Alachua to play field hockey with devotees. It was a bright beautiful day, and I was so filled w/ anticipations, for it was my first time to play such a very physical game. First times are always full of surprises!The game was dedicated to Krishna Das who is battling w/ leukemia, and everybody give their best on it. Thanks to Karnamrita prabhu and his good wife Radha who organized the event. Although I haven’t meet him and don’t know him personally, my prayers and best wishes for him and to his family. Just what like Koreans say when they’re in an unfavorable situation, Aja, aja, fighting! Krishna das prabhu, you can do it!


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January 20, 2009

Who would dare to forget this remarkable day?!Hmmmm….. fill in the blanks……I’m glad that he won! The guy deserves it! I’m not really politically inclined, so I’ll let the pictures say it all. Credits to boston.com for all the amazing pictures.


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Ahhh….Pictures really does paints a thousand words! On the other hand, my good friend Stephen Colbert, of course, will always have a say for everything, and I mean everything that even Pres. Obama can’t escape it.

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