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Pineapple Diva

Pineapple has been one of my favorite fruits, and I’ll never get tired eating it :o) Back home, we have a variety of pineapple. We have different sizes and kinds, like pineapple with seeds, and tiny orange colored pineapple but succulently sweet. I and my siblings used to eat like 2 to 3 medium sized pineapples in a day especially on summer, and the weird thing we do is that, we dipped it on salt to make it sweeter. I don’t really know why it’s like that, but trust me, just give it a try and you’ll see what I’m talking about :o) But the most unforgettable experienced I have with this juicy tropical fruit, is the way my father peeled it. I was in grade school when my father showed me on how to “properly” peeled a pineapple, and my oh my, I was so amazed. Here’s a before and after photo of a pineapple, which I peeled by myself according to my father’s way of doing it. Enjoy :o)

Before                                                         After

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