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My first try in making Hong Kong style Snow Skin Moon Cake! The green one is flavored with Pandan essence, while the pink one is coconut flavor. Both have Adzuki bean paste w/ walnuts filling. (^_^) I just followed the ingredients and procedure from this video.

However, instead of only 80 gms for both of the rice flour and the glutinous rice flour, I did 100 grams for each, since I find it kind of watery with the 200 grams of milk. Also, the red bean paste filling I use is store brought, and I added some chopped walnuts on it.

1. Use a cling wrap when you’re kneading the moon cake dough. In this way, your dough is smoother and it won’t stick to your hands.

2. For the cooked starch, I just steamed a couple tablespoon of corn starch covered with paper towel for 15 minutes.


Excuse my blurry pictures, for I don’t have a camera (it’s broken 😦 ) Instead, I took the photos via my iPhone.

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