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I would like to share this beautiful vyasa puja offering of my guru maharaja for his beloved guru, Srila Prabhupada. This is such a heart warming offering that is full of love and inspirations, and I hope and pray that one day I’ll be able to do something like this for my guru as well. I hope that that this will give happiness to everybody, Hare Krishna!

Precious Moments

My dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept my most humble obeisances in the dust of your lotus feet.
All glories to Your Divine Grace.

As I meditate upon Your Divine Grace, I recall seven precious moments that led to my taking shelter of your lotus feet. Each of these precious moments connected to the next in clear succession, arranged by you and the Divine Couple.

The first precious moment was when I cried out to the Lord for guidance. I knew that God existed, but I wasn’t sure who He was. I prayed with as much sincerity as I could gather, and asked for God to reveal Himself to me. At the same time, I doubted my qualification to ask such a question of the Supreme Lord. Why should God reveal Himself to such an insignificant soul as me? But considering that God must have a compassionate nature, I pondered He could reveal Himself to anyone He wished.

The second precious moment was when the Lord answered my prayers. That day, I purchased an old, weather-beaten, copy of your Bhagavad-gita As It Is from a second hand book store. The shelves were filled with hundreds of books on spirituality, but I had magnet like attraction to the cover painting of Parthasarathi. I read the book cover to cover, without hardly putting it down, and realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that Krishna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead and you were His pure devotee.

The third precious moment was when I started corresponding with Svarupa Dasa in Los Angeles. He was the corresponding secretary for interested readers at the time. In our exchanges, he preached to me and sent a catalog of spiritual items that could be purchased. I purchased more of your books, your recorded lectures, kirtans and bhajans, and japa beads. It was then that I started to chant sixteen rounds a day.

The fourth precious moment was when I started to listen to your recorded lectures, kirtans and bhajans for hours each day. That spiritual sound vibration was so powerful that it pierced my heart. I felt that you were speaking directly to me and freeing me from millions of lifetimes of sinful reactions. It was a very purifying experience.

The fifth precious moment was when I first saw film footage of you. Seeing you speak and act for Krishna and His devotees was overwhelming. It brought tears to my eyes. This was the first time I saw you and it kindled a blazing fire within me to become your disciple.

The sixth precious moment was when I greeted you during one of your Los Angeles airport arrivals. When you walked out from the arrival gate, you appeared goldenly effulgent. Hundreds of devotees were loudly chanting and running to keep up on either side of the moving walkway on which you stood. It appeared as though you were floating through the airport. Your presence commanded respect and even non-devotees stood transfixed by your gaze.

The seventh precious moment was when you were leaving for your walk the next morning. You had just gotten into the car and it was backing up onto Watseka Avenue. I was standing some distance behind the car, looking into the rear window. All of a sudden, you turned around and looked out the window at the devotees. As you were scanning the crowd, our eyes met and locked for a brief moment. There was great compassion in your eyes, and you seemed to be saying,”where have you been all these lifetimes? Now you have the shelter of guru and Krishna.”

These seven precious moments brought me in touch with you. I still can’t call myself a disciple of your’s. But I am trying to learn from my senior godbothers and godsisters what it means to become a genuine disciple. By their mercy, perhaps one day I will actually become your true disciple and take advantage of what your eyes said to me 35 years ago. “Now you have the shelter of guru and Krishna.”

Aspiring to become your true disciple,
Giridhari Swami

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